RIVA residential and commercial building, Dortmund

Structural change brings new life to Dortmund’s southern district

One of Europe’s biggest structural change projects is currently taking place in the southern district of Dortmund city. What was once the home of glowing steel and smoking chimneys is now an area of recreation with the newly created Phoenixsee lake. Numerous linear-style buildings are settling along its shore.

One of the most elegant buildings stands directly alongside the small harbour basin - the RIVA residential and commercial building. Constructed in 2013, the building is notable for its clear-cut lines which are emphasised by the successful use of glass and limestone among others.

LED wall luminaires illuminate the nearby parking area. Spatial illumination of the parking area is promoted by the choice of asymmetrical light distribution. The wall luminaire series also includes types with asymmetrical flat beam light distribution, which are optimised for the illumination of roads.

LED pole-top luminaires are used in addition for complete illumination of the parking area. They match the LED wall luminaires in terms of appearance as well as lighting, and with their low energy consumption they contribute to lighting efficiency.

Recessed wall luminaires provide safe orientation on the way to the underground parking spaces. Parking spaces are rare on the Phoenixsee site, so a private garage provides convenient access to the building.

Client Dreier Immobilien, Dortmund Architecture Schamp + Schmalöer Architektur und Städtebau BDA, Dortmund