Nyheder · 11.5.2020

The New BEGA Outdoor Luminaire Catalogue

400 new products – innovative lighting solutions for outdoors

The new BEGA outdoor luminaire catalogue can be ordered in print form and is also available on our website to browse or download. 400 new products have been added to the extensive range of outdoor luminaires. Among other changes, the range of BEGA system luminaires has been expanded to include light building elements. Our performance spectrum for drive-over in-ground floodlights has been upgraded once again. And the new BEGA UniLink system offers easy and quick design options for private gardens.

The BEGA catalogue presents a total of more than 2000 products across 608 pages. Innovative lighting concepts in customary BEGA quality enable unique lighting scenarios.

A few of our new products which are sure to set new standards in the market:

​Recessed ceiling luminaire with dual lighting technology

Our new recessed ceiling luminaires with two independently DALI-controllable light sources create a unique lighting atmosphere. The direct light source provides illuminance on the working plane, while the indirect light source gives the impression of a sunny sky with daylight white light. The recessed ceiling luminaires are also available as RGBW and Tunable White versions for DALI colour light control of the indirect light source.

The classic Light Brick – Lichtbaustein® with a new design

Our classic Light Brick – Lichtbaustein® in an all new design: The latest evolution of the luminaires in this series, which for decades have been the benchmark for the industry, sees them available in three sizes with high light outputs and DALI-controllable power supply units. The glass and LED module form a single unit, while a convenient connection compartment extends the characteristics of these luminaires beyond just the lighting experience.

BEGA house number luminaires are all about setting lighting accents

They provide energy-efficient orientation in the entrance area. For comprehensive lighting solutions, supplementary components such as an additional lower light emission or a new twilight switch can be selected. The house number luminaires are available with weatherproof numbers or with symbols or lettering – tailored to the application in question.

Impressive light graphics

Our new garden and pathway luminaires create impressive light graphics on the illuminated surface. Whether arranged in groups or used individually, they highlight private outdoor spaces from gardens to pathways, patios or house entrances.

Another performance upgrade for our drive-over in-ground floodlights with BEGA Hybrid Optics®

With more than four decades of experience in in-ground lighting and the extreme requirements that come with it, we offer in-ground luminaires of the highest quality. Nevertheless, our continuing research is and remains aimed at constantly improving the performance spectrum. Thanks to the significant increase in light output, a considerably greater choice of half beam angles, optimised glare suppression, high maximum ambient temperatures or DALI power supply units with internal temperature monitoring, the BEGA in-ground luminaires offer the perfect solution for all requirements at the highest technical level.

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden.

BEGA UniLink is the new lighting system that adapts to your private garden. Safe, cost-effective and easy to install – even without prior electrical expertise, BEGA UniLink is ready to use right out of the box. The entire garden can be illuminated with just a single outdoor socket and thanks to the system of distribution boxes and extension cables, even distant points of the garden can be reached without any hassle. The versatile luminaire range allows you to create special lighting accents and continually expand the installation without the need for expensive earthwork.

Light building elements with a new height of 2500 mm

The BEGA light building elements as illuminating design elements and structure-giving light points are now available in a new height (2500 mm). Ideal for small and mid-sized public areas where the previously available light building elements would have been oversized. Available with unshielded light, symmetrical or asymmetrical flat beam light distribution

BEGA system light building elements

In our modular luminaire range of BEGA system light building elements various light building element heads can be combined with light building element tubes in different materials. The luminaires can be flexibly coordinated to the lighting requirements and the customer’s optical desires. A selection of integrated floodlights add to the performance spectrum.

BEGA accessories

Our new accessories enable full flexibility in placement even for challenging installation situations. For installation of the renowned efficient BEGA floodlights with connection adapter on trees, pipes or wooden structures, for example.