Hungerburgbahn, Innsbruck

From the city to the Nordkette mountain range

The mountains of the “Inntalkette” (Inntal Chain) stretch across the northern limestone Alps and are commonly called the “Nordkette” (North Chain) on account of their location north of Innsbruck. Not far from the historical centre of Innsbruck, cable cars take visitors to the mountain station “Hafelekar” at an altitude of 2269 metres. The first section of the “Hungerburgbahn” cable car offers spectacular views of the Alpine panorama and the city of Innsbruck. The line has four stations, and spans the River Inn with a cable-stayed bridge.

The sweeping design of the bridge blends into the mountain scenery and is illuminated by BEGA floodlights. The high-performance floodlights with discharge lamps accentuate the striking, 30 metre high pylons of this reinforced concrete bridge.

The vaulted design of the four stations also blends into the mountain scenery. The light-coloured roof shells made of glass arch above the reinforced concrete stations of the funicular below. They symbolise the surrounding mountain scenery with glaciers, ice and snow.

Shielded recessed wall luminaires ensure optimum illumination of the stations and platforms, making it easy to get in and out of the cable cars.

The roof constructions of the stations are illuminated by BEGA in-ground floodlights. The glass surfaces are coated on the inside, reflecting the light and creating the necessary basic illumination. They ensure that this extraordinary architecture shines brightly in the Alpine landscape, while at the same time creating a landmark that accentuates the cityscape of Innsbruck.

Client City of Innsbruck / STRABAG Architecture Zaha Hadid Architects, London Lighting design Zaha Hadid Architects, London Electrical planning ILF, Rum Electrical installation EAE Stöckl GmbH, Innsbruck