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Light for the car park and underground car park

Illumination improves safety and gives a good overview of the surroundings

Residential parking should ideally be out of sight so as not to detract from the overall perception of the architecture. The following applies both to underground garages and ground-level parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the complex: The basic requirement for ensuring the safety and quick overview of the entire area – which applies for traffic guidance as well as for the perceived personal safety of the user – is good illumination. Dark and poorly visible areas must be avoided; user comfort when driving, parking and on the footpaths is essential.

Checklist: Light control for underground garages

  • Soft transitions to allow the human eye to adapt easier to varying levels of brightness
  • Avoid glare from sudden brightness and hypersensitivity of the eye when changing quickly to darkness
  • Intelligent light management system such as BEGA Connect for programming and switching the various requirements

Offer comfort of use

Dark and poorly visible areas must be avoided; user comfort when driving, parking and on footpaths is essential.

Harmonise light

Different light zones are a factor to be taken into account in the planning of underground garages. Harmonisation begins at the driveway: During the day, the illumination must adapt to the transition from daylight to darkness. Conversely, it must be significantly brighter in the garage at night than outside.

Safety in the staircase

The most important factor for stairwells that often lack daylight is safe illumination.

Highlight staircases

In addition to basic lighting to eliminate dark areas and allow a quick overview of the location, the actual stairs must be well lit. Soft shadows differentiate the steps from one another and ensure safe footing.