BEGA Smart

Yksinkertaisia ratkaisuja arvostaviin koteihin

First steps

1. Unpacking

  • Take note of the instructions for use included in the packaging, which include details about installation and commissioning. Make sure that the respective DataMatrix code of the components is legible for commissioning.
  • We recommend using the space provided on the instructions for use leaflets for assignment notes for each of the BEGA Smart components.
  • The DataMatrix code will be needed again if a device is reset to its factory settings and will be integrated into a new system.

2. Installation

  • Select the locations/distances between the Zigbee devices so that the radio ranges are maintained (Zigbee 30m line of sight for communication between BEGA Smart devices. Bluetooth 12m – Connection BEGA Smart app with the system, meaning an entry point for the BEGA Smart environment).

  • Ensure max. range during the electrical installation and prevent limitations due to obstacles (e.g. trees, window pane, or similar). If you find you are having range issues right from the start, you might be well advised to add the Zigbee router module 71 055 (IP 20), which will only require a grid connection (230V AC) in a dry location. If it is already clear during the planning phase that the specified ranges will be exceeded or obstacles could negatively influence the ranges, include the router modules in your plans.

3. Downloading the app

  • The free BEGA Smart app is available for iOS and Android devices. Access the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone or tablet, and download the BEGA Smart app.
  • You will need to activate the Bluetooth function of your smartphone or tablet to establish communication with the BEGA Smart entry point. Allow the use of the Bluetooth function when you are prompted to do so by the BEGA Smart app. You will also have to permit access to your location if you are using an Android end device, so as to allow the app’s use of the full Bluetooth functionality on your smartphone.
  • You need to scan the DataMatrix code of each component to create a connection between the app and the entry point. This will require access to the camera of your smartphone or tablet. You will have to permit the app access to the camera. Simply follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions once you have successfully installed the BEGA Smart app.

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