A new villa concept, Krefeld

The garden as an integral part of the living space

An unusual concept lends this private house in Krefeld a number of unique features in more than one area. With links to the Bauhaus style and classical modernism, the resulting residential building is generously dimensioned on a layout concept that can be adapted to future changes. It takes of account of cross-generational living requirements with free spaces for the various living units.

The villa’s optical impact is characterised by a grey, made-to-measure brick façade that interacts with a white plaster façade and brilliant red in the entrance area. A self-contained apartment in the upper storey and a guest area have been integrated to provide enough privacy for each unit while also creating opportunities for mutual encounters.

The underlying architectural idea: Two horizontally accentuated cubes in intersection. The generously dimensioned layouts form an L shape enclosing the outdoor area. Structured by open terraces, green areas and a swimming-pool, the garden forms an integral part of the living space thanks to the layout and large glazed elements.

The outdoor area is highlighted by an assortment of BEGA luminaires. Impact-proof BEGA wall luminaires with a large proportion of glass and shielding on one side accentuate the walls in the terrace area. Together with LED garden and pathway luminaires, they illuminate the terrace. The garden luminaires are ideal for lighting situations with low ambient brightness requiring light on one side only. They are placed directly against the house wall.

Compact BEGA bollards with an overall height of just 40 centimetres provide optical guidance in the area of the flower beds. With their square layout and striking frame that does not hinder light emission, the compact luminaires are real eye-catchers also because of their crystal glass with white interior and its effect on the surroundings.

The elegant guidance and distribution of light achieved by the BEGA products is continued inside the house. An impact-proof ceiling and wall luminaire with very shallow projection is used as a ceiling luminaire at the house door. It features the latest LED technology and convinces as a timeless design element.

BEGA wall luminaires on the façades along the street side emphasise the villa’s exceptional architecture. The luminaires are available with light emission on either one side or two sides, and they illuminate the wall and façade surfaces with either narrow beam or very narrow beam light distribution. These luminaires are available in three colours and four sizes. This extensive range offers individual design options for various optical requirements.

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