Energy, Education and Experience Centre (EEZ), Aurich

Building design inspired by energy in nature

The Energy, Education and Experience Centre (EEZ) in the town of Aurich is situated on an artificial island. This futuristically designed institution for extracurricular education is dedicated to the topic of energy, and features an experience world and an educational area. Exhibitions and educational programmes provide a tangible experience.

The entrance building is used for interactive exhibitions on the subject of energy and also features conference rooms, special exhibition rooms, restaurants, shops and open-air exhibition areas. Two adjoining wings and an additional freestanding building house training centres as extracurricular learning locations.

The design of the centre is inspired by the energy in nature. Circles, arches and ellipses can be found in the design of the open spaces, the interior and exterior of the building and in exhibition objects throughout the complex. They symbolise the orbit of electrons around atomic nuclei, circular or elliptical planetary orbits, arc-shaped comet paths, and bows as hunting tools and the oldest device in the world for energy conversion.

BEGA luminaires are used both outdoors and indoors. System bollards illuminate the paths, stairs and surfaces around the centre, with conical reflectors directing light evenly onto the illuminated surface. When planning with the modular BEGA bollard system, the desired bollard heads can be combined with bollard tubes with different functions. Spatial illumination of the surfaces around the EEZ is provided by surface washers with asymmetrical light distribution. The attack angle of these wall luminaires can be adjusted in ten-degree intervals, thereby individually adapting to the given lighting requirements.

Drive-over in-ground luminaires provide lighting accents on the façade of the futuristic buildings, while floodlights highlight the architecture.

Within the centre, rectangular recessed wall luminaires are used to illuminate pathways. Arranged in rows, their unshielded light aids orientation and sets visual accents. Their extremely low maintenance requirements also result in a product concept with quick and easy installation. The LED modules with an extremely long service life ensure economical operation in a centre dedicated to energy issues. The modules can be easily replaced and come with a 20-year availability guarantee. The sustainability of the luminaires is thus even greater than the already considerable service life of the components.

Client Auricher Bäder- und Hallengesellschaft mbH Architecture Architekturbüro Tabery, Bremervörde Structural Engineering: Ingenieurbüro Lütjen & Paulsen, Bremervörde