Mastholte fire station, Rietberg

Modern fire station with BEGA light

The town of Rietberg in the eastern Westphalian district of Gütersloh invested around three million euros in its new fire station in the Mastholte neighbourhood. A modern and functional complex was built on an area of more than 1,600 square metres, affording the emergency services every possible convenience – including high-quality BEGA lighting.

The architectural firm “just architects ...” from Paderborn designed the fire station for efficient use of the available space and perfect interaction between man and machine: more than 60 active rescue personnel – plus fire engines; personnel carriers; command vehicles; a rescue boat and trailer; the operations centre; training room for nearly 130 people; meeting, office and workshop rooms as well as storage and sanitary areas and, last but not least, the complete youth fire brigade – all under one roof. The project is a prime example of a successful and well-designed fire station for the 21st century. BEGA luminaires contribute to this both in terms of architecture and aesthetics:

BEGA wall luminaires with four-sided light emission and a square layout are installed throughout the building. Their design makes them particularly suitable for use on pillars. On the walls of the fire station, they emit their light both onto the wall surfaces and unshielded onto the floor and the nearby surroundings. This ensures clear visibility and improves safety.

When it’s time for the fire engines to roll out, BEGA surface washers at the entrance and exit gates light the way. With their asymmetrical light distribution, they are ideal for spatial illumination. They can be adjusted from -30° to +90° in 10° increments and are DALI controllable. This means that the alignment of these particularly long-lasting and economical luminaires can be adjusted to suit all requirements.

There are numerous parking spaces located at the rear of the fire station. This entire area is illuminated by BEGA pole-top luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution and deep spatial illumination. The luminaires use highly efficient LED lighting technology and are equipped with Miro® reflectors made of highly reflective pure aluminium and anti-reflective, single-pane safety glass.

Architecture architects, Paderborn