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Efficient light
Illumination and energy efficiency are basic requirements in public spaces.

Traffic safety and the human need to feel safe in all urban and natural environments are a main concern of urban planners.

The aim is to find implementations for these requirements in conjunction with scenic illumination, sustainability and environmentally conscious use of light. Suitable luminaires and the management system must be coordinated in such a way as to ensure efficient energy saving.

One of the challenges here is connectivity, which is an absolute must-have for tomorrow’s smart city. In the past, connectivity was highly cost-intensive due to a lack of network infrastructure – especially in remote areas.

In proximity of communal infrastructures, BEGA Connect enables comprehensive and location-independent light control via the cloud.

The low-consumption usage of the system, the monitoring of individual light points, and remote access via app form the cornerstones of efficient usage. The system can optionally be provided with its own Internet infrastructure.

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In the context of buildings, one option is the use of DALI luminaires, which communicate via a data line. They can also be integrated in existing building automation systems via gateways.

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Luminaires with a Zhaga interfaces for communication and sensor modules are platform-independent and pave the way for professional smart cities. The link to BEGA Connect is established via the Zhaga Air Connector, ensuring maximum flexibility during setup and operation.

Technology for the protection of nocturnal animal life. Light colour change to a blue-light-reduced amber.

Luminaires offering a range of colour temperatures create the right light for inhabitants and animal life: Switching to a blue-light-reduced amber at low traffic times reduces the negative impact of illumination on nocturnal animals – and saves energy based on configurable power reduction.

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