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Connectivity, ease of use, security – for a professionally implemented Smart Home

Lighting and illumination in residential complexes must fulfil the needs of residents, passers-by, and the environment in equal measure. These individual needs and expectations can be catered for with intelligent light control. Building and community safety is ensured with homogeneous illumination without any dark corners. The intrinsic differences between areas close to buildings, leisure areas and car parks must be considered separately. Important locations like entrances, junctions and sensitive locations will need use-related light levels. The line of sight for footpaths and car park areas must also be highlighted for security, but without creating a nuisance for residents.

Functionality, security, and light staging – all based on intelligent lighting design for the interior of a residential complex.

The Valley · Amsterdam · The Netherlands
Well-balanced lighting design and professional control – that is how living areas and outdoor facilities become one. Heinrich-Köhler-Hof · Hanover · Germany
BEGA Connect. A cloud-based light control, which comes with its own Internet connection if needed.

The professional Smart Home is a common goal for developers, facility managers, and the residents of large residential complexes. The path to uncomplicated implementations follows clear guidelines: energy-efficiency, simplicity, open source interfaces (where possible), and clear demarcations of private areas (where needed). Online solutions like the wibutler IoT platform and our professional BEGA Connect control system take all these requirements into account. They ensure connectivity indoors and out, as well as ease of use and security at all system and control levels. BEGA Connect can even provide its own Internet connection via Narrowband IoT in case of a lacking IP infrastructure or for additional online connections.

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wibutler: The manufacturer and system-independent platform solution for a holistic building automation via IoT.

Centrally controlled, needs-based automated lighting is provided in communal and functional spaces of the buildings. Meanwhile, solutions for the individual residential units are shielded to the extent essential for privacy.

A professional Smart Home brings everything together with easy, yet also keeps it all safely protected to ensure that private interest and privacy are maintained. Possible external threats, including outside manipulation, are completely eliminated.

Learn more about wibutler Each new addition to the control system makes it a little more intelligent. An overview of the functionality of all lighting systems is available at any time and fully location-independent. Switch, manage, enjoy: it has never been easier to combine and include the various interests of all stakeholders.

New or exiting buildings: Control begins as early as in the planning phase, or during the intelligent integration of existing and new systems.

Functionality, security, and light staging – all based on intelligent lighting design for the exterior of a residential complex. The Valley · Amsterdam · The Netherlands
Automated lighting in stairwells saves energy and therefore money.

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