Private homes

Focus on functionality and security
Everything at your fingertips – in the truest sense of the word.

On site via pushbutton, or remotely via smartphone. Functionality and security are the cornerstones of digital building technology control in and on private homes. Illumination satisfies our essential desire for safety, staging, and comfort. That is when light in defined areas in the home, on its facade, and in the garden become a matter of course. In emergency or alarm situations, for example, all light points should be activated at full capacity.

While we are at home:

Automated illumination when entering or remaining in designated areas, complete with energy-conscious deactivation when nobody is there. The garden illumination can be similarly configured with individual routines and energy-saving deactivation.

Smart Homes are not limited to smart illumination:

All other functionalities, including heating, shading, and access control must be considered in the overall context. Ever new technical possibilities also add complexity. Whatever the context: the user is always the focal point, and therefore convenience and ease of use.

The virtually endless world of digital control

Simple control of a wide range of home and garden lighting – with BEGA Smart as an offline solution, or in combination with the wibutler IoT platform as a convenient online option.

The networking of living spaces is not a technical gimmick. It offers concrete advantages for our well-being: Your home becomes part of the networked world, when the light sensor in your smart home detects the advancing dusk. It will automatically operate the blinds on your windows, and switch on the light in predefined areas of the house, along footpaths and in the garden. The wibutler IoT platform allows the interconnection of various systems in and around your home. Control of your lighting system can therefore be combined with other functions like shading and security technology. No additional hardware is needed, as everything functions via a common interface.

The wibutler platform is operated and under ongoing development by a conglomerate of well-known manufacturers in the industry. That is how more than 400 devices offered by 40 top brands can now communicate via external interfaces, including voice assistants.

Central control over the Smart Home is usually transferred to a parent system. BEGA DALI luminaires can be seamlessly integrated via gateways in KNX, Loxone, Busch-free@home, or other building automation systems.

BEGA Smart Online and offline – always reliable: wireless system for insular offline applications, but also a portfolio for the integration in an existing building automation system.

All BEGA Smart components can be integrated in the wibutler platform, but can alternatively also be controlled entirely offline. BEGA Smart offers a complete solution for applications, where the main focus is on security, simplicity, and reliability paired with the utmost user comfort.

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