BEGA exhibition rooms

BEGA – das gute Licht: An excellent overview of our range can be found on our website and in our catalogues and brochures, but the quality and beauty of our luminaries are best experienced with the real thing.

It is in our exhibition rooms that the workmanship and clear-cut style of our luminaires are particularly notable. Convince yourself without any commitment of the outstanding lighting technology, workmanship and quality of use. All this can be experienced particularly well in our exhibition rooms.

The experience of BEGA outdoor luminaires – presented in the exhibition room at our headquarters in Menden: 500 luminaires radiate their fascination over a generously sized exhibition area. Gather information about different luminaire groups and about their meticulous development and production. Assess individual luminaires for your personal lighting plans – for example from our “Light for the house and the garden” range.

In the recessed wall luminaire theme area there are now 62 different luminaires of various sizes and shapes awaiting your attention. The LED recessed wall luminaires for flush or surface mounting come with slim yet screwless frames as an unmistakable and characteristic feature.

Another newly created theme area presents the possibilities of linear structured lighting – outstanding BEGA design equipped with the most modern lighting technology and various light distributions.

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If you like, let us know when you will be  visiting us. We look forward to seeing you!

The exhibition room for indoor luminaires in Limburg an der Lahn attests to our passion for light, glass and technology. The unique harmony of hand-made glass from the glassworks combined with exquisite finishes from the metal finishing lines and our high-quality lighting technology form the basis of the aesthetics and high quality of our luminaires for many areas of interior design.

Experience "das gute Licht" – our STUDIO LINE range, for example, with a choice of velvet black or velvet white metal shields and a variety of metallic interior colours.

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If you like, let us know when you will be  visiting us. We look forward to seeing you!