Modernize sustainably

Conversion of existing lighting systems

Cost effective conversionan efficient further use

Are you planning a new lighting system? Or are you looking for an attractively priced way to convert an intact existing installation that is harmoniously integrated into its surroundings to modern and energy-efficient LED technology?

BEGA customers are often confronted with these two questions. The perfect condition of our lighting systems, even after years of use, at best triggers the desire for a general modernization. One of the main reasons for this is not least the ban on conventional light sources.

The retrofitting of existing lighting systems goes hand in hand with considerable energy savings in operation. In addition to efficient further use, this results in particular in a second service life - lasting for decades.

Our products and thus their users benefit from careful construction, timeless design, high-quality and extremely durable materials, future-oriented technology and consequently above-average and long-lasting quality compared to the market.

Replacing conventional light sources with energy-saving LED modules builds a temporal bridge into the next decades. State-of-the-art light sources - supplied with a perfect fit and easy to retrofit - enable an attractively priced, sustainable and high-quality modernization. To the highest satisfaction of the system operators, to the sensible reduction of the use of resources and thus additionally to the protection of the environment.

Sustainability in design, construction and materialityBEGA luminaires continue to provide trouble-free service even after decades of use.

The LED modules manufactured in our factory are designed individually for each luminaire as original BEGA components. They are particularly convincing due to their extremely long service life, very low energy consumption and are a guarantee for sustainable use over an exceptionally long period.

Even if the technology and shape of the components should have changed by then, the spare parts will correspond to the values of the originally installed modules in terms of light color and light output.

The design of the luminaires and modules allows easy replacement of the lamps on site with standard tools.

Advantages of the original components: the BEGA LED modulesWe guarantee our customers that they can still obtain follow-up and replacement modules from us 20 years after purchasing an LED luminaire.

Regardless of the original equipment of your existing plant, we offer the professional assessment of future-proof planning:

  • Can and should the existing plant continue to be operated with the original technology?
  • When does it pay off to convert to LED lighting?
  • Can grant programs be used for funding?
  • Which alternative makes more economic sense: retrofitting the existing plant or planning a new plant?

Retrofit sensibly

In order to analyze whether and in which form the retrofitting of an existing lighting system is reasonable and possible, we have summarized the most important considerations below.

  • Significant improvement of the Light and lighting quality thanks to LED: pleasant light perception, more efficient illumination and more effective prevention of glare

  • Energy saving in comparison between existing and retrofitted plant

  • Required Illuminance - Actual state and change after retrofit

  • Technical data and performance characteristics of the luminaires: Luminaire luminous efficacy (lumens per watt), recommended color temperature, color rendering index, maximum ambient temperature, lifetime criteria

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis: Retrofitting the existing plant or planning a new one - which variant offers the greater benefit?

Conversion of a pendant luminaire with compact fluorescent lamp to LED

Our offer

BEGA luminaires and their components are not disposable products. Long life cycles that set standards in the market characterize the performance of our product range. It is designed for decades of use.

After this long period of use, it only takes a few steps to modernize the luminaires technically and keep them fit all around. That's what we mean by sustainability.

We offer custom-fit solutions for your lighting systems.

Conversion kits
for on-site upgrading

Ready-made conversion kits allow you to upgrade your lighting system on site.

  • Low assembly effort due to precisely fitting prefabricated LED modules

  • Spare module-Post-purchase guarantee of 20 years for maximum service life

  • Surface-Care sets for the optical refreshment of luminaire housings and other components

Conversion service
including refurbishment

We offer professional refurbishment of your lights in our factory.

  • Technical Conversion to LED by BEGA experts

  • General Condition assessment of all luminaire components

  • Spare module-Post-purchase guarantee of 20 years for maximum service life

  • Reprocessing of the Surfaces

  • After service, the appearance and technology correspond to a New product

  • Same warranties and warranty period as for new products

Our service

Together with you, we plan the conversion of your existing plant. From the economic analysis to the implementation, we are at your side with our personal service. Contact us!

We need from you

  • Information about plant size and the specific conversion request
  • Article numbers and production codes of the existing luminaires according to the nameplate
  • Description of the condition of the equipment and luminaires - documented by photos
  • Information on the desired controllability of the luminaires as well as additional requirements and concerns