Light control

Zigbee system components

Zigbee radio control is used in control systems where there is no additional data cable or control cable available. Zigbee radio networks are based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Our Zigbee radio control is compatible with the Zigbee Home Automation Profile, meaning that third-party systems using this standard can easily be integrated. This guarantees that actuators, switches, pushbuttons and sensors from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the system. The system allows radio contact between devices over distances of up to 100 metres.

Zigbee control modules

Connected loads are integrated into the Zigbee system using the control module and can thus be controlled via Zigbee control elements. Control modules with relay contact, dimming output and DALI outputs are available.

Zigbee router module

Signal amplifier for extending the maximum radio range (30 metres within a free field) between two components.

BEGA Gateway

The BEGA Gateway integrates the Zigbee system into the local network. This allows the Zigbee system to be controlled via smartphone or tablet. Time-dependent actions can also be set. The gateway is configured via the web interface. The Zigbee system is configured via the BEGA Gateway app (Android or iOS).