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Ceiling luminaires, wall luminaires and pendant luminaires
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Large-area LED light with exceptionally high light output. These indoor luminaires open up creative new design options in many areas of interior design. Safety glass that is flush with the frame and frosted white on the inside distributes the LED light evenly over the illuminated surface.

For optimum coordination of the light with the lighting situation in question, the luminaires are DALI controllable. A long service life and the cost-effectiveness of the LED also reduce the installation, maintenance and operating costs.

Technical data

BEGA Thermal Management®

Metal housing Safety glass, inside white

DALI-controllable Colour rendering index (CRI) > 90 20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

BEGA Thermal Management®

Safety glass, inside white

3 Steel wires Transparent connecting cable Special lengths on request

DALI-controllable Colour rendering index (CRI) > 90

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

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The room is defined by graphic-like large-area luminaires on the walls. Their light is very soft and uniform. Pendant luminaires made of opal glass and velvet black, painted metal are mounted above the counter. Most of the light is glare-free and shines directly onto the counter, thus ensuring a high degree of visual comfort. The counter area opens out into a larger lounge area. This is illuminated with recessed ceiling luminaires shining downwards. All luminaires are dimmable in order to be able to create a pleasant lighting atmosphere.

The illumination of large rooms is frequently effected using efficient downlights or pendant luminaires. In this example, both types are used. The distinctive pendant luminaires distribute soft light downwards from a height of 6 m. Visitors are received in the upwardly open ground floor with a degree of illuminance of 200 lx. These luminaires do not cause glare, in spite of the high illumination level of 19,900 lm. Their light emission area measures almost 75 cm in diameter and consists of crystal glass with frosted white interior. Downlights are used in areas with a low ceiling height. Most of the light is aimed downwards directly onto the floor surface. The remaining light is directed into the room as a wide beam through thick-walled, partially frosted crystal glass. Here too, a degree of illuminance of 200 lx is reached at floor level.

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