Outdoor luminaires with wood

Naturally stylish and durable

For 75 years, BEGA has been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for almost all areas of interior and exterior architecture. As a family-owned company in its third generation, we develop luminaires that showcase globally renowned architectural projects in the best possible light. We see ourselves as innovators, as pioneers for new products and new technologies. Being open to new things is in our nature. We continuously develop our existing products and services in order to remain one step ahead at all times. And we are now enhancing our product range with a special material that can be sustainably regrown:

Wood. A material as timeless as many of our products.

With our affiliated company AUBRILAM and their many years of experience, we have gained the necessary know-how to meet our demand for durability in the field of woodworking.

Wood is tough and durable, light yet strong, regulates moisture and is extremely versatile. It is the ideal building material for any architectural style.

Indeed, the advantages of wood go far beyond its functionality. Wood elicits emotion, conveys a feeling of warmth and naturalness, has a relaxing effect and yet also creates a vibrant atmosphere. This historically significant material also has the potential to become a material of the future. At a time when it is becoming increasingly clear that most resources are finite, wood’s importance as a material that can be sustainably regrown is increasing. As it grows, each tree removes CO2 from the air and enriches it with fresh oxygen. That means that trees make a valuable and sustainable contribution to protecting the climate.