BEGA system light building elements

The modular range of luminaires

Flexible combination of luminaire head and tube

Light building elements are illuminating design elements that give structure to public spaces. BEGA system light building elements are a modular range for the flexible arrangement of these luminaires – coordinated to the specific requirements and individual design wishes.

Light building element heads with varying light distributions can be combined in the BEGA system with light building element tubes made of different materials and optionally combined with up to two integrated floodlights: The light building element tubes are made of lacquered aluminium or a combination of laminated wood and aluminium. Both versions are available with either an anchorage section or a base plate.

In addition to purely functional lighting, a choice of one or two integrated floodlights means that architectural details, trees, information signs or advertising spaces can also be strategically illuminated. The corresponding installation space can be provided in a special design for integrating the technology for publicly accessible WiFi.

  • Various light building element heads and light distributions available
  • Light building element tubes available in different materials
  • 1 or 2 integrated floodlights can be added (depending on the material of the light building element tube)
  • Customised mount for WiFi technology available

Integrated floodlights
  • Adjustable and rotatable for targeted illumination of architectural details, trees, advertising spaces and information signs
  • Equipped with BEGA Hybrid Optics® for complete light control and optimal light distribution

Light building element tubes
  • Optionally made from lacquered aluminium or a combination of laminated wood and aluminium
  • Available with anchorage unit or base plate