Better than you could possibly imagine: the augmented reality app from BEGA

With the free BEGA AR+ app, you can become a lighting designer yourself – it’s entirely easy and intuitive to use with your smartphone or tablet.

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Download BEGA AR+ on your Apple or Android device and get started with simulations of every possible lighting situation. To do so, scan the area where you would like to use your BEGA luminaires, for example in your home or garden. Now your display will show you in real time how to highlight your BEGA lighting.

Illumination, luminous intensity, light effect – so close to reality, it will feel like you are trying out real BEGA luminaires.

Bring BEGA luminaires live into your home

With BEGA AR+, you can experience the effect of different luminaires live in your home. How would pendant luminaires look above the dining table, what effect would pathway luminaires have in the garden? Project BEGA luminaires virtually, in real time and in any area of your choice. Precise, proportional and realistic. This way, you will know that your choice is right even before making the purchase.

The right decision with 360-degree view

Sometimes it is important to consider things from various perspectives. After you have virtually positioned the BEGA luminaires of your choice in the desired area, you can move around them freely and observe them from all sides. But that’s not all: Try out alternative luminaire colours, test different luminaire sizes and models – find the exact lights you like with ease.

See where the light falls

The environment also counts. Within the simulation of all BEGA garden and pathway luminaires positioned on the ground, the corresponding illumination diagrams can also be created in real time using the app. Based on the displayed lux values for the degree of illuminance, you can determine the ideal light point spacing for positioning and combining multiple BEGA luminaires in real time.

Additional features

  • At the press of a virtual button: Switch each luminaire on and off
  • Darken the luminaire environment to judge the effect realistically
  • Duplicate the luminaires of your choice to plan the ideal spacing between multiple luminaires
  • The whole range of selections in a single app: Choose all sizes and colours from the product ranges STUDIO LINE and Light for the house and the garden

  • Apart from the AR function, you can also view each BEGA luminaire as a 3D model without a virtual background


  • iOS: iPhone 6s, iPad (2017), iPad Pro running iOS 11 or newer

  • Android: ARCore-compatible device

Download Apple App Store Download Play Store