Illumination in practice

Illumination with floodlights

The most important task of high-quality illumination is to attractively highlight the many facets of architecture at night. The BEGA floodlight portfolio allows for individual solutions for the many characteristics of structures and their requirements for exceptional light.

BEGA luminaires are precision tools that set the lighting scene, fulfil the framework conditions of the relevant lighting installation in terms of energy, economy and ecology, and create a stage for beautiful light.

Our extensive portfolio facilitates a targeted selection of luminaires in various sizes, luminous intensities and light distribution versions. The design narrative of each individual structure is at the core of lighting design and its efficient implementation.

Precision also means: Lighting design should only use as much light as will be needed for the actual staging. Our optical systems allow for optimal application efficiency, in which virtually every beam of light from the LED modules is captured, directed and used for the right light distribution. Our accessories like shields and louvres, or custom productions from collaborations with our partners and customers create on-point light staging – literally.

Terms like “dark sky” and “insect-friendly” have taken on a new and important meaning in our time. They confirm that our actions – specifically our striving for light efficiency using the most low-cost and targeted light deployment – is the right approach.