Advertising space

The illumination of advertising spaces repeatedly presents new challenges. A change in motif from a very light to a dark motif, or vice versa, requires an adjustment of the degree of illuminance for the advertising to be effective. In this case, a control unit for the luminaires is strongly recommended in order to provide numerous options for illuminating advertising posters.

In the following, we should like to present tried and tested solutions, and show you the differences in light effects on an advertising space of 4 x 6 m.

Lighting calculations Summary DIALux project

Floodlights with outrigger arms are ideal for illuminating a poster from the upper edge. The light is distributed over a wide area. However, the illumination level increases near the luminaires, an effect that can be reduced by choosing longer outrigger arms.

LED façade floodlights designed specifically for linear illumination create uniform illumination which diminishes from top to bottom. On account of their elongated design, these floodlights require only small outrigger arms. This means that the luminaires can also be installed on the lower edge of the poster, without endangering road users.

The most uniform light distribution is achieved with floodlights on poles at some distance. Depending on the pole distance and the poster size, various radiance characteristics are available to ensure optimum illumination of the advertising space. The example shows illumination with two floodlights on a pole at a height of 4.5 m and at a distance of 10 m from the advertising space.

A further alternative is to illuminate advertising spaces from the ground. In-ground luminaires with asymmetrical or adjustable light distribution direct their light onto the advertising space in a gentle gradation from bottom to top. These floodlights are installed at a distance of about one third of the poster height.