The high art of simplicity

An introduction to intelligent light control

Intelligent lighting control adapts to requirements. It enables powerful and energy-saving implementations thanks to flexibly integrable individual components, stand-alone solutions or seamlessly integrable subsystems.

A professional lighting management system follows the particular project and its requirements. It's easy to set up and use. It creates connections. Lighting control is based on requirements - not the other way around. In different areas of application, individual criteria must be taken into account, which can be addressed by different suitable systems. For planning, this means choosing between individual components that can be flexibly integrated, stand-alone island solutions, or seamless integration into higher-level systems. Intelligent lighting control with customized as well as technically reliable BEGA solutions offers management at the highest level: reliable, uncomplicated, flexible.

The needs of the users are implemented as well as the requirements of the project. Safety is generated equally by demand lighting and presence simulation. Environmental aspects are taken into account, nocturnal animals are not affected in their closer and wider living environment. Energy is saved with the highest possible efficiency - around the clock. The art is the combination of all requirements paired with a pleasantly easy operation. Control, rapid changeability, monitoring and further development are then easy to organize. In addition, uncomplicated instruction means that the control system can be handed over to third parties for use without any problems.

Our lighting control solutions offer you the complete package: intelligently controlled, energy-efficient lighting that meets people's sense of safety and well-being while being considerate of the environment.

Communal infrastructure
Residential complexes
Commercial spaces
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