New technology for decades to come

Practical modernisation examples

Our kits allow continued operationEnergy-efficient LED technology for existing systems

Real life modernisation examples

Good quality should be usable long-term: BEGA luminaires will function for decades. And after such a long service life, they can be updated to latest technology with just a few steps for additional decades: We offer upgrade kits for our sustainable products. State-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED technology facilitates the upgrade the still fully functional luminaires to the relevantly latest standard.

BEGA offers an upgrade kit for decades-long function and operation, where an existing structure is to be outfitted with sustainable, high-quality products for the first time. Our guiding principle for the outstanding durability and distinctiveness of our low-maintenance products compared to the rest of the market will always be:

Sustainable by Design!

Reliable moulds that have been established over very long periods of time and are highly valued in the market are another component of this reliable consistency.

City centre, Tauberbischofsheim, Germany

The structural integrity and finish remained extraordinarily well preserved after more than 20 years of continuous use: Tauberbischofsheim decided against the use of pole-top luminaires for the redesign of the city centre. An upgrade to LED technology and professional cleaning sufficed to get city illumination ready for the next few decades.

Sparkasse, Linz, Austria

A sophisticated lighting concept with new BEGA luminaires underlines the magnificent details of the head office of Sparkasse Oberösterreich’s historic architectural features. The building, which was completed in 1842, shines with renewed splendour after careful renovation and modernisation.

Clouth Quartier, Cologne, Germany

When designing the Clouth Quarter in Cologne, listed halls, perimeter walls and gate buildings of the former industrial area were integrated into the redesign of a city quarter. BEGA luminaires bridge time and space from the outside in and back.

Glaspaleis, Heerlen, Netherlands

New technology for one of the “1,000 most highly rated buildings of the 20th century” (Union International d‘Architecture): The BEGA indoor luminaires got their upgrade to LED lamps after 20 tears in use. The decision – based on aesthetics, economics, and environmental concerns – set the stage for many decades of exceptional lighting in this unusual building for decades to come.

City centre, Hamm, Germany

The energy-related modernisation of the urban lighting system is implemented without disruptions of day-to-day operations, and while maintaining the original light sources. The luminaires remain, the lamps are being upgraded – ensuring many more decades of use while maximising energy savings and keeping costs within budget.

Kurpark & Therme, Bad Sassendorf, Germany

An architecturally sophisticated modernisation elevated the city centre of Bad Sassendorf to being an oasis of relaxation. Existing structures, new architecture, and an imposing wellness park are inviting highlights for nature-loving visitors. BEGA Luminaires are there to set the stage for all areas.