BEGA Thermal Management®

Our technologies for the optimal protection of temperature-sensitive components

Electronic components are often very temperature-sensitive. They are often exposed to high temperatures inside a luminaire. Power supply units and components suffer additional strain in many environments due to inclement ambient temperatures. This can lead to malfunctions and damage to the components. Such thermal stresses will also result in a significant reduction of their service life.

We dedicate a great deal of attention to this matter and are continually improving the quality of our components and the protective devices in our luminaires. BEGA Thermal Management® and BEGA Ultimate Driver® guarantee optimal thermal component protection and maximum power supply unit quality.

BEGA Thermal Management® consists of two protection levels: BEGA Thermal Switch® and BEGA Thermal Control®. The protective device installed in each case depends on the luminaire type and its primary use. You can find data sheets for all luminaires on our website. These contain all luminaire data and the current values for LED service life, luminous flux, maximum ambient temperature, and provide information on the use of BEGA Thermal Management®.

BEGA Ultimate Driver®

BEGA Ultimate Driver® is a power supply unit that was developed according to the strictest BEGA quality criteria, distinguished by countless unique features including: optimal regulation thanks to BEGA Thermal Management®, an impressive service life, high dielectric strength, maximum robustness thanks to an extremely sturdy construction, efficient overvoltage protection, low inrush current, flicker-free operation.

BEGA Thermal Switch®

Luminaires with BEGA Thermal Switch® have a switch-off device to protect temperature-sensitive luminaire components from overheating due to excessive ambient temperatures.

BEGA Thermal Control®

Luminaires with BEGA Thermal Control® have a thermal regulator, which temporarily controls and regulates temperature inside the luminaire to protect it from overheating due to excessive ambient temperatures. In the event of overheating, the luminaires are not switched off, but continue to operate with an adjusted output.