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Our LED technology

For us, a good luminaire is a successful mix of technology, functionality and design. As a responsible and forward-looking manufacturer, we take an active interest in every aspect of lighting technology.
LED technology has redefined acquired standards and assessment criteria and created undreamt-of possibilities for designing with light. The sum total of its advantages makes this technology a milestone in lighting technology.
We use the superiority of LED in the development of new luminaires, but also in the technical perfection of existing luminaire series. In doing so, we go well beyond the applications normally expected on the market. We do this responsibly, competently and with a sense of proportion – but above all reliably. After all, reliability and a high standard of product quality are among our elementary values and convictions.


The quality of our LED technology

In the processing and selection of our LED components, we rigorously follow our own ideas and do not let ourselves be misled by other criteria commonly found on the market. To meet these goals, we have created all the necessary conditions, including the best production processes.

All BEGA LED luminaires are fitted with modules adapted exactly to them, produced on our own premises. We have control over all the materials used and therefore are not forced to enter any compromises. We alone are responsible for defining factors such as a luminaire’s light output, light colour and thermo-management, thus making a direct impact on the quality of our luminaires. Our LED modules are expected to reach the maximum possible service life. As a matter of conviction we use durable, non-wearing materials in our optical systems. We do not use any plastic lenses to deflect light, as their ageing resistance is doubtful. Instead we prefer durable materials such as glass, silicone and aluminium.


Service life of the modules

The ageing process in electronic components, in particular in light-emitting diodes, is a function of the temperatures they are exposed to in operation. The higher the temperature of the component, the shorter is the expected service life. In the development of our luminaires, therefore, thermo-management represents a great challenge. Besides using high-quality components, we have also taken design-related measures to guarantee favourable temperature conditions inside the luminaires. This leads to a significant increase in the service life of the LED. In addition, electronic protective equipment prevents the possible overheating of individual components. We have deliberately designed the temperature control in our luminaires to be very conservative – the temperatures in our LED modules are significantly lower than the maximum temperatures.

Our LED modules are designed for service lives of at least 50,000 operating hours. After this period has expired, the module is not destroyed; it continues to function, and still shines with at least 70 % of its initial brightness.



Unlike conventional lamps, for which there are clearly defined connection standards, LED are an integrative part of luminaires. It is difficult therefore for non-specialists to obtain matching LED replacement modules. As a responsible manufacturer, we have come up with a solution to this problem for our customers. Today you will already find a lamp designation in every LED luminaire, providing exact details of the installed modules. Furthermore, our in-house production will enable us to deliver matching LED modules for many years to come.

We guarantee the availability of replacement modules even 20 years after you purchase an LED luminaire from us.

Perhaps the technology and design of the components will have changed by then, but in their light colour and output, the replacements will definitely match the originally installed LED modules.Our LED luminaires are designed to enable these components to be replaced easily on site using standard tools. Suitable precautions have already been taken to protect against electrostatic discharge and accidental polarity reversal of the electronic components. The safe and economical further use of your LED luminaires is thus assured.


LED power information

The power information is system information, that is, luminaire luminous flux figures and the connected wattage of the luminaires. These figures may change on account of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning the current values.

The data listed there are based on the “Guide to Reliable Planning with LED Lighting” issued by ZVEI.


Light colour of our LED modules

  • 2200 K

  • 2700 K

  • 3000 K

  • 4000 K

The light colour of a lamp is described by the colour temperature in Kelvin [K]. Common lamps have a colour temperature in the order of below 3300 Kelvin = warm white, 3300 to 5300 Kelvin = neutral white, to more than 5300 Kelvin = daylight white.

Our strict quality standards ensure that our LED modules have a maximum deviation of three MacAdam ellipses from the specified colour coordinates.


Light output

The following diagram enables the luminous efficiency of LED to be compared with that of conventional lamps.
(last revised: January 2018).