DALI system components

DALI is designed specially for the room-related control of building automation systems. A priority is the user-friendly control of light. DALI products are based on the EN 62386 standard. Our DALI system components are fully compatible with all standard DALI products. This guarantees that actuators and sensors from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the system.

Control devices and modules

Smart DALI controller

The smart DALI controller allows wireless control and dimming of up to 15 DALI luminaires

  • with a smartphone and the BEGA Smart app
  • with a BEGA remote control
  • with the Smart Rotary Dimmer

DALI power supply

Power supply for the DALI operating devices and the control devices.

DALI repeater

Enables the maximum cable length to be extended from 300 metres (DALI line) to 600 metres. Extension using a repeater is only possible once per DALI line.

DALI switch actuator

For controlling a relay contact via the DALI bus.

DALI switch module

Module for connecting four conventional pushbuttons or switches to control DALI operating devices.

DALI pushbutton module

Module for connecting four potential-free pushbuttons or switches to control DALI operating devices.

DALI daylight module

Control device for tunable white luminaires. Emulates the daylight curve (circadian curve). During the course of the day, the light is automatically controlled to be warmer or colder: warmer light in the morning and evening hours, colder light at noon time.

DALI sequencer module

Program for storing four independent sequences that can be invoked via DALI control elements such as the DALI timer, DALI control module four-button/switch or DALI cross switch.

DALI timer

For timer functions with up to 14 entries for invoking lighting scenarios for LED, tunable white and RGBW luminaires (DT6, DT8, RGBWAF, xy).

DALI power reducer

Control unit for automatic power reduction/night-time brightness reduction with integrated DALI power supply for up to nine standard DALI loads.