BEGA surface technologies for outstanding durability 

BEGA luminaires are intended to blend in harmoniously as architectural details and to perform their tasks for many years.
As part of our commitment to sustainability, we pay special attention to efficient surface protection for our luminaires. Resistance to corrosion and weathering as well as light stability are a high priority for us, in part due to the enormous variety of weather conditions worldwide.
Our protected trademarks BEGA Coating Technology ®, BEGA Unidure ® and BEGA Tricoat ® guarantee surface protection of the highest quality.

BEGA Unidure ®
BEGA Unidure ® is a protected trademark for a technology that we use in order to meet the highest demands in terms of weather resistance and light stability. This extremely weather-resistant powder coating achieves outstanding results in the most extreme endurance tests for worldwide use under particularly challenging climatic conditions involving continuous sunlight, extremely high temperatures and high humidity.

BEGA Tricoat ®
BEGA Tricoat ® is a protected trademark for a technology that we use in order to achieve optimal corrosion resistance. These carefully coordinated coating processes (inorganic and organic) applied to extremely resistant alloys ensure the best possible surface protection and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Outdoor luminaires

BEGA Unidure® Graphite
BEGA Tricoat® Graphite

BEGA Unidure® Silver
BEGA Tricoat® Silver

BEGA Unidure® White
BEGA Tricoat® White

Stainless steel

Electropolished stainless steel

The Collection BOOM · Copper

The Collection BOOM · Cast bronze

“Kebony Clear” wood

Accoya® wood

Laminated wood






Indoor luminaires

Stainless steel

Polished aluminium

Matt aluminium


Polished brass

Colour stainless steel

Colour palladium

Colour white aluminium RAL 9006

Colour glossy silver

Velvet black

Velvet white


Interior colour matt aluminium


Interior colour matt brass


Interior colour matt copper