BEGA UniLink® system components

Various system components are available for the luminaires in the flexible BEGA UniLink® garden system and can be ordered separately. All luminaires are factory-equipped with a five-metre connecting cable with a waterproof BEGA UniLink® plug connector. Mains plugs, connecting cables, five-way distributors and extension cables can be connected to these for the implementation and extension of individual garden lighting. When doing so, all luminaires in the system must be located no more than 50 metres from the power source. All connection and extension cables can be freely routed.

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BEGA UniLink®

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden.

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Technical data

Optionally available with type F, type E, type G, type J, type K or type L safety sockets.
• Type F: system common in Germany and Europe (“Schuko plug”)
• Type E: system common in France and Belgium
• Type G: system common in Great Britain (“Commonwealth plug”)
• Type J: system common in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
• Type K: system common in Denmark
• Type L: system common in Italy

Length 0.5 m
Colour graphite

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