Bollard tubes with integrated loading unit

as a supplement to BEGA bollard light heads

The use of the system bollard tubes with integrated charging unit for electric vehicles combines the planning of lighting elements with the mobility of the future. The integration of the charging units into existing or newly created lighting infrastructure develops a comprehensive supply network for electric vehicles.

The system bollard tube and charging unit form an attractive and robust unit.

BEGA charging units come fully equipped with all the necessary technical components for public and semi-private spaces: In the public sphere, these charging units can be operated with a payment terminal ( 71308 or 71309) that can be ordered separately. For use in commercial spaces like hotels or companies, charging authorisation is provided via relevant activation cards.

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BEGA system bollards

Modular bollard concept

Technical data

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel BEGA Unidure® coating technology

Housing colour graphite

Protection class IP 54

Maximum charging power 22 kW For any electric vehicle with IEC 62196 Type 2 plug

Compliant with calibration regulations

BEGA system bollards The modular bollard concept

We are pleased to present a modular bollard concept in the form of BEGA system bollards. The technical requirements that luminaires have to meet are increasing all the time, especially in the planning of lighting systems of all shapes and sizes. For example, it should be possible to switch luminaires by means of motion sensors, to secure traffic routes with emergency lighting in the event of a power failure, or to fit them with additional sockets or floodlights.

By means of a robust mechanism, we have made it possible to combine bollard heads and bollard tubes with integrated auxiliary components at will.

Simply order the luminaire head and your preferred luminaire tube to go with it. Both modules can be connected quickly and easily during installation.

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