Cylindrical wooden luminaire poles · System 2

with laminated wood in accordance with DIN EN 14080

We encounter pole-top luminaires in many areas of daily life. The corresponding luminaire poles made of hot-dip galvanised steel or painted aluminium often fulfil the requirements placed upon them in an unassuming manner. There are, however, lighting systems in which these luminaires play a more significant role as a design element; they are intended to contribute to a positive perception of the public environment.

Alongside our light building elements, our new luminaire poles with laminated wood offer completely new design possibilities for such requirements. In close cooperation with our system partner Aubrilam, we have created high-quality wooden poles that withstand the elements – and which also stand for stylish and timeless design. Aubrilam has been the go-to international specialist for outdoor wood applications for more than 40 years. These BEGA luminaire poles are comprised of finger-jointed pine wood slats sorted according to strength class. The static characteristic values and the strength classes meet the requirements of DIN EN 14 080. The use of high-quality aluminium at the base of the pole means the wood has no direct contact with the ground.

The BEGA Coating Technology ® used on the aluminium components provides maximum protection in these critical areas. Many of our pole-top luminaires, combined with the new luminaire poles with laminated wood, blend harmoniously into environments where sophisticated design and the recreational value for visitors are the focus of attention.


Naturally stylish and durable – outdoor luminaires with wood and aluminium

Wood istough and durable, light yet strong, regulates moisture and is extremely versatile. It is theideal building material for any architectural style. Indeed, the advantages of wood go farbeyond its functionality. Wood elicits emotion, conveys a feeling of warmth and naturalness,has a relaxing effect and yet also creates a vibrant atmosphere. This historically significantmaterial also has the potential to become a material of the future. At a time when it isbecoming increasingly clear that most resources are finite, wood’s importance as a materialthat can be sustainably regrown is increasing. As it grows, each tree removes CO2 from theair and enriches it with fresh oxygen. That means that trees make a valuable and sustainablecontribution to protecting the climate.

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BEGA Coating Technology®

The creative interplay of the two materials defines a new, extremely exclusive design language that blends harmoniously into different situations and architectural styles. The permanent union of the two materials should not be taken for granted, however. Under normal circumstances, the organic acids in the wood can damage untreated metals. That’s where our patented BEGA Coating Technology® comes in. It protects metallic surfaces permanently and effectively. Even under extreme climatic conditions such as constant sunlight, strong temperature fluctuations and high humidity, the metal remains highly corrosion-resistant and stable. In this way, two extremely durable materials can be united to achieve outstanding quality, maximum functionality and a unique style.

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About our wood and maintaining it

As a rule, a brush and a little water are all you need to maintain the wood. If, after manyyears of use or due to unforeseen damage, the wood needs reconditioning or re-coating,our partner Aubrilam offers these services.


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