with adjustable zoom optics

Downlights designed for installation in suspended ceilings. For individual adjustment of the half beam angle and even more effectively targeted illumination, these luminaires are equipped with BEGA Zoom‑optics. The half beam angle can be infinitely adjusted by turning the lens and reflector unit – even when the luminaire is installed and connected.

These downlights are available with four different in various diameters and with CRI >90. The luminaires and power supply units required for your lighting systems can be connected by means of a simple plug connector.

Technical data

Luminaire housing made of cast aluminium Ceiling recessed housing made of synthetic material Trim ring, colour white Safety glass Reflector surface made of pure aluminium Optical silicone lens

On/off or DALI-controllable power supply units

Cable between the luminaire and the power supply unit with plug connector

For luminaires with zoom optics, half beam angles between 15° and 55° can be set by simply moving the optical lens unit. We deliver optical filters as accessories for changing the light distribution

Colour rendering index (CRI) > 90

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

The required installation depths can be found in the instructions for use for these luminaires.

Flexible light intensity distributionLuminaires with BEGA zoom optics

The luminaires with BEGA Zoom optics offer full light distribution settings flexibility for custom lighting solutions. Detailed information on BEGA zoom optics

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