BEGA Plug & Play

The smart lighting system for the private garden

Smart control and installation

Installing a BEGA Smart system couldn’t be easier: the system is set up via a smartphone app, which allows a custom configuration of the lighting system. Automation options such as a time switch function can be implemented in just a few easy steps. For manual control, we recommend our Smart Rotary Dimmer and the PRO smart remote control, which make frequently used functions available at the press of a button.

BEGA Smart. Light control via app – simple and convenient

The free BEGA Smart app is the control hub for the BEGA Smart Home system. It controls each part of the system across short distances via Bluetooth and allows each system component to be individually programmed. Configuring how and when a luminaire or group of luminaires should behave is easy and intuitive. It takes only the touch of a button for all the luminaires to spread their cosy light. The room can be brightly illuminated at a pre-determined time. The app makes it possible to create countless lighting scenarios that can be controlled manually or automatically.

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PRO Remote Control

The PRO Remote Control offers full control over the smart lighting system. Simple, user-friendly control over distances of up to 30 metres. The BEGA Smart app allows you to program all functions individually; they can then be controlled easily and intuitively via the E-Paper display with touch ring and two favourites buttons. This allows you to control individual luminaires or entire groups of luminaires, as well as access lighting scenarios and colours either manually or automatically. And you can do all that while sitting on the sofa.

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