Light for the house and the garden

Light for the house and the garden

Light for the house and the garden

Light for the house and the garden

Many possibilities for the private illumination of houses and gardens are often left unused. The carefully coordinated lighting of outdoor and indoor views can lend a house an inviting and homely feel. Driveways, entrances, terraces and gardens often provide a host of starting points for improving the quality of lighting around private houses. Good light and good illumination ensure not only a pleasant lighting atmosphere and a higher quality of experience, but also greater safety in the house and garden.

Many people are unaware of the fascinating effect that an illuminated garden can have. At night, illuminated outdoor spaces add a wonderful natural dimension to our living quarters.

“Light for the house and the garden” presents a selection of luminaires from our complete range which are particularly suitable for the illumination of private environments. It provides a diversity of design options for coordinating indoor lighting with outdoor illumination and for experiencing light in previously unknown facets.


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For more than 70 years now, BEGA has been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for almost all areas of architecture. These years have given rise to products whose ideas and trademarks have become generic terms for countless luminaires in the entire industry.

For the production of our outdoor and indoor luminaires, we created the best conditions ourselves. They were not the consequence of any set of rules, but the result of our learning process and a fixed component of our idea of quality. Our daily work is determined by our high standards in lighting technology, workmanship and usability as well as in the aesthetic quality of our luminaires. The luminaires in this selection were also produced to meet exactly these standards. They were designed, configured and developed for your house and for your garden. BEGA products are not run-of-the-mill, short-lived items but distinctive objects for the stylish illumination of your private property.

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Interesting information about “Light for the house and the garden”

Our "Light for the house and the garden" selection of luminaires offers a tailor-made selection in various shapes, sizes and degrees of illuminance for your private garden, the grounds around your house and your living area. Distinctive, top-quality BEGA products for indoors and outdoors make for sophisticated lighting, guaranteed. They bring the fascination of light into your private surroundings.

Numerous technical features as well as flexible lighting systems with comfortable control, exquisite ranges of luminaires and intelligent accessories round off the subject of “Light for the house and the garden”.


The augmented reality app from BEGA

The app allows you to view BEGA luminaires in your own private setting. You can simultaneously place up to five different luminaires in a virtual scenario in or around the house and garden. View the luminaires from all angles, switch the light on and off, and take photos of the scenes.

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BEGA Plug & Play
LED light system for private gardens

BEGA Plug & Play is a flexible and portable LED light system for private gardens. Everything is possible: from easy switching on and off to user-friendly control of the luminaires using your smartphone or tablet. With BEGA Plug & Play, illuminating your garden is simple: There is no elaborate groundwork for laying electrical cables, and BEGA Plug & Play can be changed and extended quickly and easily at any time.

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Stylish indoor luminaires with efficient LED technology

A series of new LED luminaires with reliable high-grade LED technology and perfect metal workmanship. With their velvet black and velvet white metal shields and three metallic interior colours, they create a graceful and exquisite lighting atmosphere that is both unique and expressive.

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Outdoor WiFi Powerline adapter IP 65
devolo dLAN® Network in the garden

The BEGA Outdoor WiFi Powerline adapter is one of the few outdoor units on the market that will take your devolo dLAN® network out into the garden.

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