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The PRIMA series offers versatile recessed ceiling luminaires with a high level of cost awareness. Thanks to the recessed lighting level, they reduce glare and ensure a pleasant lighting climate with symmetrical light distribution.

Size Ø 110 - 130 - 150 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 985 - 2400 lm

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Economical and efficient

This series of economical wall luminaires sets new standards. The translucent synthetic cover enables a high lighting output of more than 130 lumens per watt for particularly cost-effective indoor illumination. A perfect option for the economical planning of lighting systems in areas that remain lit for long periods of time.

Size Ø 210 · 250 · 350 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 1000 · 1650 · 3000 lm

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Clear Edges

In a simple cube shape, these shielded wall luminaires feature impressively elegant lines and clear edges. Thanks to their modern and timeless design, they fit seamlessly into a variety of different environments, setting stylish accents and creating a sophisticated atmosphere with their shielded light.

Size □ 90 · 120 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 900 · 2000 lm

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Delicate rings

Luminaires always act as design elements as well, here in the form of ring luminaires – either as a discreet light source or as a wall sculpture when unlit. In an asymmetrical double arrangement or symmetrical triple arrangement, delicate luminaire rings rise up from a wall-mounted cylinder. Depending on the choice of colour, the inlays in the rings and cylinder create a marked contrast with the wall.

Height 2 rings: 670 mm 3 rings: 515 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 3295 · 3420 lm

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Single, double, triple or quadruple adjustment

The recessed ceiling luminaires in the STUDIO LINE range are characterised by their adjustability, which enables separate configuration. Each luminaire can be adjusted individually according to personal needs and requirements in order to create a customised lighting solution. A variety of colour combinations facilitates coordination with the specific interior design.

Size Ø 95 · 95x190 · 95x285 · 190x190 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 350 – 1480 lm

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Soft light, high contrast

These ceiling luminaires feature a flattened spherical shape. The metal cone on the inside of the white luminaire body creates a striking contrast. This fascinating combination gives an aesthetic touch while also creating a pleasant atmosphere in the room with soft light.

Size Ø 200 · 250 · 350 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 790 – 3050 lm

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Folding lighting Design

Open or closed: the striking cylindrical shape sets aesthetic accents and allows for targeted illumination to fulfil any lighting application. With their versatile functionality and design, these luminaires provide tailored lighting for a range of applications.

The version with zoom optics offers extra flexibility for conveniently setting custom half beam angles.

Size Ø 90 · 120 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 400 – 1490 lm

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Timeless cylinder shape

High light output, striking cylinder shape, simple elegance: this luminaire combines powerful illumination with timeless design. Its classic design blends seamlessly with any style and makes it an ideal choice for various environments. Both light emissions are individually DALI controllable.

Size Ø 140 · 170 · 220 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 4405– 8585 lm

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