Garden and pathway luminaires for private use

Unshielded light

These luminaires create a pleasant light effect on footpaths, terraces and flowerbeds, as well as in house entrance areas. They evenly illuminate their immediate surroundings with unshielded light. The glass body, made of high-quality three-ply opal glass, distributes the light in an unshielded manner and is optionally available in the shape of a sphere or cylinder.

Cost-effective and durable luminaires thanks to modern LED technology with a warm white colour temperature of 3000 K.

You can optionally order the luminaires:

  • with anchorage section
  • With screw-on base

You will find more products of this type in the following series:

Light for the house and the garden

Designed specifically for private use

Technical data

Protection class IP 65 BEGA Thermal Management®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel BEGA Unidure® coating technology Opal glass with thread

BEGA Ultimate Driver® · on/off

The luminaires are suitable for through-wiring.

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

LED colour temperature 3000 K


Installation options

Garden and pathway luminaires for private use are fixed into the ground using an anchorage unit made of hot-dip galvanised steel or screwed onto a foundation provided by the customer using a screw-on base. Delivery includes either an anchorage unit or a screw-on base.

Electrical connection

Installation is made easy thanks to the option of through-wiring for almost all garden and pathway luminaires. This makes it quick and easy to arrange the luminaires in series.

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