Compact downlights with BEGA Hybrid Optics®

Compact ceiling downlights with BEGA Hybrid Optics ® The lens-reflector combination in these luminaires takes advantage of both lens and reflector technology.

The result: highly efficient, low-loss optical systems with optimal glare suppression and very compact dimensions. We use durable and age-resistant materials like glass, aluminium and silicone.

The luminaires are available with various LED outputs, half beam angles and dimensions. These luminaires are also available with zoom optics so that several half beam angles can be used. The light distribution can be flexibly set by simply adjusting the lens unit and then changing as required.

You will find more products of this type in the following series:

Light for the house and the garden

Designed specifically for private use

Technical data

Protection class IP 65 · Ballproof
BEGA Thermal Management®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
BEGA Unidure® coating technology
Safety glass
Reflector surface made of pure aluminium
Optical silicone lens · BEGA Hybrid Optics®
Luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution: BEGA Constant Optics®

For luminaires with zoom optics, half beam angles between 15° and 50° can be set by simply moving the optical lens unit.

On/off or DALI-controllable power supply units

20-year availability guarantee for LED module

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table may change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

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Commercial building entrance
The covered area in front of a commercial building is illuminated from a great height with efficient downlights. The focus is placed on the square pillars supporting the roof using very narrow beam in-ground floodlights on the front side. On the sides and at the rear, they benefit from the light of the downlights. A roof panel projecting over the entrance is fitted with recessed ceiling luminaires to emphasise the way into the building. The illumination level here is about 100 lx. The general lighting of the interior space and of the commercial rooms is effected with large-format, very flat ceiling luminaires. 

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