LED garden floodlights

Portable LED garden floodlights consisting of 3 luminaires with earth spike

Three LED garden floodlights as a single unit ready for connection. The floodlights are interconnected and need just one power connection. Each comes with an earth spike so it can simply be inserted into the ground to illuminate plants, small trees and other objects in the private gardens. Floodlight housing made of glass fibre reinforced synthetic material, adjustable without tools. A stunning and cost-effective trio that can be quickly used to perform numerous lighting applications with perfect results.

Technical data

Protection class IP 65 BEGA Thermal Management®

Housing and earth spike made of glass fibre reinforced synthetic material Safety glass Reflector surface made of pure aluminium

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

Burning position adjustment without tools with 5 m cable between the IP X4 mains plug and the distribution box 3 m cable length between distribution box and each floodlight

LED colour temperature 3000 K

Luminaire colour graphite

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