In-ground luminaires for illuminating ground surfaces

with compact dimensions

Drive-over in-ground luminaires with compact dimensions for installation in paved ground surfaces – indoors and out.

The luminaires are available with different light sectors for various on-site lighting situations. The light from the luminaires is directed immediately above ground level onto the surface to be illuminated, thus illuminating walkways and traffic areas or highlighting potential hazards such as stairs and steps.

These luminaires can be driven over by vehicles with pneumatic tyres.

Technical data

Pressure load 1000 kg

Protection class IP 67 BEGA Thermal Management®

Luminaire cover made of cast aluminium BEGA Unidure® coating technology Luminaire housing made of stainless steel Silicate glass

On/off power supply units

Water stop · Connecting cable

On request, the luminaires are available in the light colours green, blue, amber and red.

The luminaires are mounted in a housing made of stainless steel on a foundation provided by the customer that absorbs the pressure loads of the luminaires.

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

Luminaire colour graphite

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