In-ground luminaires with BEGA Vortex Optics®

For installation situations with high pressure load

Drive-over in-ground luminaires with high light output for installation in paved ground surfaces both indoors and out. This new luminaire series is the continuation of a series that we have been manufacturing for more than 30 years. Knowledge, decades of experience and a constant willingness to learn determine our daily approach to developing new products. The new design of these luminaires is therefore the result of continuous research, extensive testing and the use of the best materials and technologies for this area of application.

Our patented reflectors (European Patent EP 3098504) enable perfect light deflection through intensive concentration of the light with maximum visual comfort.

These luminaires are ideal for areas subject to heavy use. The highly corrosion-resistant aluminium installation housing sits on its own foundation and can withstand pressure loads of up to 5000 kg.

Technical data

Pressure load 5000 kg

Protection class IP 68 · 10 m BEGA Thermal Management®

Cover frames made of stainless steel Highly corrosion-resistant aluminium,Coated with BEGA Tricoat® Glass fibre reinforced synthetic material Safety glass Floodlight: Reflector surface made of pure aluminium BEGA Vortex Optics®

BEGA Ultimate Driver® · on/off or DALI-controllable

Water stop · Connecting cable

Before the luminaires are installed, a foundation including drainage must be provided by the customer to absorb the pressure loads of the luminaires.

The RGBW luminaires in this series can be controlled by DALI colour light control (DT8, RGBWAF, xy, TC).

When the glass is wet, there may be a risk of slipping. For walkable public areas, we recommend skid-blocking glass in accordance with DIN 51130  R 13. R after the article number, we can supply all luminaires with skid-blocking glass. This increases the dispersion of the light distribution.

On request, the luminaires are available in the light colours green, blue, amber and red.

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

B = Ø recessed opening

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