Linear in-ground luminaires

For installation situations with shallow installation depths

Linear in-ground luminaires in various lengths for installation in paved ground surfaces indoors and out. The different lengths and the compact dimensions allow a multitude of design options with linear light from ground level. Before the luminaires are installed, a foundation including drainage must be provided by the customer to absorb the pressure loads of the luminaires.

The luminaires can be driven over by vehicles with pneumatic tyres.

Technical data

Pressure load 1000 kg

Protection class IP 67 Safety class III

Cover frames and luminaire housings made of stainless steel Installation housing made of aluminium Safety glass Reflector made of pure anodised aluminium Connecting cable

A separate 24 V DC power supply unit is required to operate the luminaires.

An operating device and a colour light control are also required to operate the RGB luminaires.

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

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Modern façade
The left-hand part of the building complex is faced with a concrete façade. This is illuminated from the ground with long slim in-ground luminaires which are installed as a band of light a short distance from and parallel to the façade. The entrance is marked by the glass front of the building. Here, the light from the interior is used to place the focus on the building. In the edging around the entrance to the building, additional recessed wall luminaires have been installed to increase the brightness of the floor and to emphasise this area.

Religious room
In religious rooms, a control option for the illumination is of great importance. This is why we have decided in favour of dimmable pendant luminaires. Their light is directed downwards directly onto the surface to be illuminated. At the same time, an internal glass diffusor together with the outer glass creates vertical light. With these luminaires, a degree of illuminance of 150 lx is reached at floor level. If additional illumination of the ceiling is desired, this luminaire is also available with additional upward light emission. Depending on the room height, the pendant may have to be lengthened by the manufacturer. The room in this example measures 15 x 17 m with a room height of 11 m. The mounting height of the pendant luminaire is approx. 3.60 m, measured from the floor. Twelve pendant luminaires, four downlights and 15 in-ground luminaires were used.

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