Modular light building element

On one or two sides

Light building elements are illuminating components that give structure to public spaces. These luminous design elements are needed for example in pedestrian zones or in public places in inner-city areas. It is precisely in these places that additional functions, such as publicly accessible WiFi, additional floodlights or speakers, are now in demand and almost expected. BEGA light building elements are perfect for installing the necessary technology. We have developed a new modular light building element for these requirements.

In addition to the lighting functions, the concept makes it possible to fulfil other technical requirements in public spaces in one installation.

Use the configurator on our website to design a light building element according to your requirements.

These light building elements are available in three heights, 4500 · 5000 · 5500 mm.

Plan how you will combine these light building elements using the configurator on our website. Choose one of the three height options and simply combine the light building element with the desired modules to suit your requirements.

Configure light building element

Technical data

The following functions can be integrated:

  • Unshielded lighting modules in the lengths 250 · 500 · 1000 · 1500 mm
  • WiFi module with aerial unit
  • Adjustable floodlights for illuminating architectural details
  • Camera module
  • Loudspeaker module
  • Lighting modules with different light characteristics

Protection class IP 65 BEGA Thermal Management®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel BEGA Unidure® coating technology Safety glass BEGA Ultimate Driver®

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