Pole-top luminaires

Asymmetrical flat beam light distribution

Pole-top luminaires with asymmetrical flat beam light distribution and three light outputs. For mounting heights of 4000 to 8000 millimetres. The attack angle of the luminaires can be set to 0° or 15°. Ready-to-install pole-top luminaires for single or double arrangements.

Technical data

Protection class IP 66 BEGA Thermal Management®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel BEGA Unidure® coating technology Synthetic cover with optical texture Miro® reflectors made of highly reflective pure aluminium

Attack angle adjustable to 0° or 15° Can be opened without the use of tools

BEGA Ultimate Driver® · DALI-controllable

20-year availability guarantee for LED module

As custom-made products, these luminaires are also available for Ø 60 mm pole tops and as outrigger luminaires.

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