BEGA UniLink®

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden.
Accent lighting in the immediate vicinity of the luminaires
Illumination with low and medium light output
Illumination with high light output
BEGA UniLink® Play luminaires

BEGA UniLink® system components: A system that has it all 

BEGA UniLink® stands for full flexibility. This is a modular garden illumination system with which you can react to changes in garden design at any time. Every BEGA UniLink® luminaire is equipped with a five-metre-long connecting cable with a waterproof plug connector. Using the individual mains plug specific to your country, you can connect the individual luminaires to an outdoor socket in the blink of an eye. 

A distance of five metres to the socket is not enough? With the combinable BEGA UniLink® extension cables in lengths of five, ten or twenty metres, all luminaires can be positioned freely in the garden up to a distance of 50 metres. Would you like to get more from a single socket? With the BEGA UniLink® five-way distribution box you can easily connect up to five additional luminaires from the broad UniLink range. If that’s still not enough, there’s another solution: Just connect additional five-way distribution boxes. Of course, there’s a limit. The maximum distance of a BEGA UniLink® luminaire from the power source cannot exceed 50 metres. If your system has multiple luminaires, this of course applies for each luminaire. 

Even more design freedom, thanks to
BEGA UniLink® Play

The transition from BEGA UniLink® to BEGA UniLink® Play is achieved using a separately available power supply unit, which provides the necessary voltage of 48V. Here too, extension cables and distribution boxes allow you to reach every area of your garden.

Thanks to the Smart Link, your BEGA UniLink® Play luminaires can be integrated to BEGA Smart, thus allowing them to be controlled via the app or remote control and integrated in automations. As a result, you can create scenarios in which the light is automatically switched on at sundown or when movement is detected.