New in the range

BEGA UniLink

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden

BEGA UniLink: Garden illumination at a flick of the wrist

An outdoor socket is the launchpad for your new garden illumination.
Here you can connect one or more BEGA UniLink luminaires to your home’s mains supply via a country-specific mains plug.

How can I design with BEGA UniLink?

Whether you only wish to position a luminaire at a large distance from the power connection using an extension cable or would like to implement lighting design with multiple luminaires to illuminate your garden: Both are possible and quick to implement with BEGA UniLink.

For example, imagine you want to illuminate a tree by your house entrance to offer a friendly welcome for you and your guests, but the nearest power socket is 9 metres away. That’s not a problem with BEGA UniLink. All you need for the BEGA UniLink floodlight with mains plug is a five-metre extension cable. Simply plug them together and – lights on!

Or have you always wanted to illuminate your garden to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere in the evening as well? Perhaps in good company with a few friends? However, the elaborate installation work and groundwork and the associated costs have always kept you from pursuing this project in the past. That’s not a problem with BEGA UniLink either. Think about which spots in the garden you would like to illuminate and select the corresponding luminaires from our

Now plan your own personal BEGA UniLink system from the power connection down to the very last luminaire, with appropriate extension cables and five-way distribution boxes. Your system remains flexible, adjustable and extendable at all times.