Outdoor luminaires with wood

Naturally stylish and durable

About our wood and maintaining it

Wood is durable and lastingly attractive. It is a vibrant, emotional material that conveys comfort, warmth and an affinity with nature. At the same time, wood boasts a high degree of durability.

With the material from our affiliate AUBRILAM, who has decades of expertise in outdoor wood applications, we bring the numerous advantages of wood to bear.

Optimally protected against environmental influences and the weather

The wood used for our luminaires and luminaire poles is pine. To achieve its exceptional toughness, Accoya® wood, for example, is subjected to a uniform acetylation treatment across the entire cross-section. This means that not only the surface, but the wood in its entirety, remains optimally protected against environmental influences and the weather — right down to the core. The result is an extremely dimensionally stable and durable wood.

Wood sourced from sustainable forestry

The high-quality wood used comes exclusively from forests managed in an exemplary manner with sustainable forestry. It grows back quickly and is continuously available. And it is full of life — and that shows in the course of daily use. Sun, wind, rain and salt water change the appearance of the wood over time, underlining the naturalness of the material and telling its story. Naturally beautiful.

BEGA Coating Technology ®

The combination of wood and aluminium adds new accents to the BEGA product portfolio. The creative interplay of the two materials defines a new, extremely exclusive design language that blends harmoniously into different situations and architectural styles. The permanent union of the two materials should not be taken for granted, however. Under normal circumstances, the organic acids in the wood can damage untreated metals. That’s where our BEGA Coating Technology ® comes in. It protects metallic surfaces permanently and effectively. Even under extreme climatic conditions such as constant sunlight, strong temperature fluctuations and high humidity, the metal remains highly corrosion resistant and stable. In this way, two extremely durable materials can be harmoniously combined. The result: outstanding quality, maximum functionality and a unique style.

Further information about BEGA Coating Technology®

Care and service

As a rule, a brush and a little water are all you need to maintain the wood. If, after many years of use or due to unforeseen damage, the wood needs reconditioning or re-coating, our affiliate AUBRILAM offers these services.