Outdoor luminaires with wood

Naturally stylish and durable

Garden and pathway luminaires with Accoya® wood and aluminium

Garden and pathway luminaires illuminate recreational spaces and pathways in the garden with their flat-beam, glare-free light. They unite function and aesthetics and create a harmonious atmosphere in any garden through much more than just their light effect. Particularly when illuminated, the wood truly comes into its own.

These garden and pathway luminaires offer much more than just functional lighting. They are a symbol of durability and security, and an expression of a positive connection with nature. They transform the garden into a stylish extension of the living space and create an impressive experience both by day and by night.

BEGA system bollards with Accoya® wood

Depending on the materials used, public spaces are sometimes perceived by people as frigid and anonymous. This is where wood comes in. Wood creates a feeling of warmth and security that is normally associated with private environments. It adds a pleasant, warm and natural element to public spaces.

Squares and other areas where decorative wooden elements are used convince with their pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. The wooden versions of our system bollards can therefore be used to full effect both in maritime environments as well as in traditional architecture. Their contrasting effect enlivens and enriches modern urban and landscape design, too. This contributes to the successful design of public spaces.

Luminaire poles with laminated wood in accordance with DIN EN 14080

The new luminaire poles offer a wide range of design options. They are available in conical or cylindrical designs, in heights of 4, 5 or 6 metres. All aluminium and cast aluminium parts of a luminaire pole are supplied in a choice of graphite or silver to match our pole-top luminaires.

BEGA laminated wood poles can be combined with BEGA pole-top luminaires with a pole-top diameter of 76 millimetres. This opens up a wide range of possible combinations to suit the atmosphere of the location in which they are installed. The combinations shown on this page provide just a small glimpse of the possible combinations of BEGA pole-top luminaires with BEGA laminated wood poles.

Light building elements with aluminium and laminated wood in accordance with DIN EN 14080

Light building elements are illuminated steles for public spaces. They form the design unit of a light-generating component and its supporting structure. In public spaces, they structure and organise the space. Light building elements guide and direct both pedestrians and vehicles. At the same time, they can be used as luminous design elements to emphasise the architecture, if required. Particularly in the dark, the illuminated wood truly takes centre stage.

On streets, squares or in traffic-calmed areas, wood creates a pleasant feeling of naturalness and warmth. Rectangular light building elements with light emission on one or two sides, as well as round light building elements, are available for planning work. Round and square luminaire poles with a four-sided profile holder for installing up to eight high-performance floodlights complete the group – for a wide range of situations in which special illumination of this type is required.

Light design elements

BEGA “benches” and “stools” are much more than just seating. As elements of lighting design, they give structure and atmosphere both to private and public spaces. The glare-free light on the underside discreetly and stylishly illuminates the floor beneath the seats. The use of wood adds a touch of warmth and naturalness to the seating experience. This effect is permanent, since the the genuine Accoya® wood seat is particularly hard-wearing and durable.

By means of an environmentally friendly process, the cell structure of the wood is additionally strengthened with lasting effect. The result is a degree of hardness that is comparable with that of tropical woods. This makes the surface easy to maintain and means it requires no further treatment to provide lasting protection against fungal decay and rotting. A brush and a little water is all you need.