Dußlingen culture hall, Baden-Württemberg

Well-being community of Dußlingen creates a new meeting place

Community, inclusiveness and quality of life are highly valued in the town of Dußlingen, Baden-Württemberg. This town of 6000 inhabitants roughly ten kilometres south of Tübingen refers to itself as a “community of well-being”. Based on this principle, the new culture and sports hall has established a central, accessible meeting place with key areas highlighted by BEGA luminaires.

Embedded between two old chestnut trees, this massive complex is situated on a floodplain of the Steinlach River, a tributary of the Neckar. Illuminated by BEGA light building elements the radiance of the structure leaves a lasting impression even from a great distance. The versatile light building elements combined with BEGA in-ground luminaires guide visitors along the paths through the greenery around the building and up to the entrance. The drive-over in-ground luminaires are flush-mounted in the stone surfaces, acting visually as an extension of the exposed concrete on the façades which lends the structure its unmistakable character. Reflections on the bright substrate allow the luminaires to develop their full effect with 180-degree light emission.

The calm aura radiating from the solid, elongated structure presents a clear contrast to its purpose of construction: people coming together, vibrant life – especially in the culture hall. Here BEGA pendant luminaires from the STUDIO LINE series, with their brass inside colour and shielded, subtle illumination create a uniformly soft, warm lighting atmosphere. Their velvet black exterior finish contrasts with the grey of the exposed concrete on the interior walls, arranged in a tile formation, as well as the wood of the ceiling cladding. At the same time, the matt black of these decorative luminaires is framed harmoniously by a natural light source that interplays with the BEGA luminaires, illuminating the hall and setting the scene for the interior design: floor-to-ceiling windows across from the concrete façade.

With this construction project, which was completed with a budget of just over seven million euros in a period of four years, the firm Sprenger Architekten from Hechingen have achieved an ideal symbiosis between multifunctional design and architectural aesthetics – with the help of BEGA luminaires. For their work, they were awarded the Hugo Häring Prize by the Association of German Architects in 2020.

Architecture Sprenger Architekten, Hechingen