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Digital Park, Bratislava

Digital Park, Bratislava

Sophisticated office building with spacious green area in the Digital Park Bratislava

The approach to the Digitalpark in Bratislava is brightly lit. This office building opposite the city centre houses many company offices, doctors surgeries, restaurants and cafes.

BEGA bollards show passers-by the way to the Digitalpark building, day and night. The large areas of light, which easily extend as far as the step area, are provided by special lighting technology.

Four office towers are interconnected by a long building block. Areas with a top quality design have been created between the blocks that enhance the entrance areas, and are also used as a pleasant recreation zone for the employees of one of the companies in the Digitalpark.

The combination of unshielded light building elements and BEGA in-ground luminaires provides a pleasant light atmosphere. A variety of different floor surfaces breaks up the straight-lined architecture, providing oases where you can relax after a hard working day.

In front of the building complexes there is a pedestrian area that is fringed by water basins. Recessed wall luminaires provide the entire route with glare-free light. The basins themselves contain underwater floodlights. They illuminate the small water fountains, and make an extremely attractive impression. The floodlights are equipped with energy-saving discharge lamps.

In-ground luminaires with symmetrical light distribution illuminate the newly-planted trees. These are powerful in-ground luminaires made from stainless steel with a pressure load of 2000 kg. The luminaires are versatile, and can be installed in gravel, lawns, flower beds or any firm surface.

Digital Park Einsteinova, Bratislava

Cigler Marani Architects


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