Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies

The building of the research institute is located very attractively in Heidelberg on Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg. This is where academics of various disciplines like natural sciences, mathematics and IT come together for interdisciplinary projects.

BEGA bollards with flat beam light distribution achieve optimum illumination of the paths leading to the gardens of the neighbouring villa. The luminaires are fitted with LED and, with an economical 13 W, achieve outstanding light quality. BEGA offers all LED luminaires in different colour temperatures and also guarantees that suitable-quality LED modules can be bought for at least 20 years after the LED luminaires were bought.

Beside the new part of the building, the historic villa is situated majestically above the gardens. Within the framework of the construction of the new building, the villa and gardens were also carefully renovated. Thanks to the glare-free light and the straight forms, the bollards appear unobtrusive at all times of day and are discreetly integrated in the architecture.

One of the most radical steps of the architects Bernhardt + Partner was the detachment of the old wing. Only through the separation of the villa could the presence of the historic building be suitably highlighted.

The annex with its timeless façade of peat-baked bricks appears pleasantly tasteful thanks to its unobtrusive appearance. The villa thus has the visual function of the leading actor. The spatial distance from the villa supports this effect and also allows a generously prominent situation. The light points of BEGA recessed wall luminaires along a small wall lead and accompany visitors to the entrance of the building.

The scientists of the Institutes are guaranteed a beautiful view from the loggia of the upper storey. In the ceiling there are recessed downlights, which achieve uniform illumination thanks to their rotationally symmetrical light distribution.

Client HITS gemeinnützige GmbH, Heidelberg

Architect Bernhardt + Partner, Darmstadt

Electrical planning Planungsbüro Gantert und Braun GmbH, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen

Landscape architecture TOPOS 3, Heidelberg

Photography Karl Huber Fotodesign, Nagold