Hotel Schloss Montabaur, Germany

Design and conference hotel in a historic setting

History, sophisticated design and the latest technology of a popular conference hotel come together at Schloss Montabaur in the Westerwald region in a stunning setting. Situated high above the town of Montabaur, the castle is visible from afar. It was first mentioned in historical documents in the year 959. Over the centuries, it served as the residence of the prince-electors and archbishops of Trier.

The castle took on its current appearance in the late 17th century, when it was redesigned in a baroque style. It consists of an outer bailey and a two-storey main building, which surrounds a large inner courtyard with two respectable wings. The complex also includes a number of small individual buildings.

Today, Schloss Montabaur serves as an innovative seminar and conference centre including a four-star hotel. Almost 300 rooms are distributed across six guest houses, while a modern event centre with a glass dome completes the facility.

BEGA luminaires play a vital role in combining the sophisticated design with the latest technology. In the outdoor area, in-ground luminaires light up the façades and walls of the historic castle in the form of symmetrical floodlights, creating a unique ambience in the historic setting of the popular conference centre. Recessed luminaires with unshielded light provide reliable illumination of the historic pathways and staircases in the castle grounds. On the driveways to the buildings, comfortable lighting is required at a low mounting height. This task is fulfilled by system bollards from BEGA. For Schloss Montabaur, bollard heads with shielded light and 360-degree light emission were selected.

In the interior of the hotel and conference centre, BEGA luminaires cast the architecture in an attractive light. The Lichtbaustein® (light brick) by BEGA appears both in the form of bedside table lamps in the guest rooms, and as partially recessed wall or ceiling luminaires in the futuristically designed corridors. Its placement in rows and groups underpins the exceptional design of these rooms. As "building blocks of light", square wall luminaires, partially recessed in niches, give the publicly accessible spaces of the hotel a unique flair.

On the roof terraces, shielded recessed wall luminaires light up the floor. For the areas leading to the installation surface, they ensure pathways are safely lit after dark. In addition, shielded luminaires add to the pleasant and calming lounge effect with their reduced light distribution.

Client Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften ADG

Architecture Architekturbüro Graf, Dernbach

Photography Danielle Schwipp, Bannberscheid BEGA