Spa park and saltwater springs, Bad Sassendorf

An oasis of relaxation in Bad Sassendorf

The spa park area in Bad Sassendorf, North-Rhine Westphalia, shines in new splendour after an architecturally sophisticated modernisation in 2020. As part of a multi-million euro project, an impressive graduation house was constructed, which features an integrated sauna and saltwater float pool, representing the new jewel in the crown of this very special place of relaxation. The structure – just like the adjoining, completely renovated thermal springs spa – is highlighted by BEGA luminaires.

Since the 12th century, salt has been a crucial factor for life and the economy in Bad Sassendorf, a small county between the Münsterland and Sauerland regions. From the 19th century onwards, the saltwater has been used for regenerative and medicinal purposes, drawing countless nature-loving visitors to the Börde thermal springs spa. Today, after the completion of a two-year renovation project, the facility shines in new splendour. Unsurprisingly, the architectural highlight of the picturesque spa park facility is the newly constructed graduation house, spanning a length of 73 m and a height of 13 m. It´s warm timbered look feels inviting and as one with its surrounding nature, despite its enormous size. Various areas of the saltwater springs are illuminated gently by BEGA wall luminaires with a 180-degrees light emission.

The spa park area, which is home to the new graduation house, offers countless options for enjoyable walks. Slimline BEGA pole-top luminaires shine their light onto the pathways to guide visitors on their way through the park. The Börde thermal springs spa is directly adjacent to the graduation house. As part of the new utilisation concept, part of the graduation house is reserved for use by visitors to the thermal springs: the new sauna area with rough stone walls built from natural stone typical for the region. At a water temperature of comfortable 33 degrees, visitors to the float pool filled with natural brine can feel complete weightlessness – almost like in space. This cosmic experience is additionally enhanced with spherical underwater music, a display of changing light colours and last, but by no means least, by numerous tiny BEGA recessed wall luminaires. The location luminaires with high protection class are integrated into the natural stone walls in the pattern of the Plough asterism, creating a harmonious frame for the float pool. Atmospheric, evenly spaced BEGA wall luminaires additionally accentuate the walls of the entire sauna landscape. They emit their light glare-free onto the ceiling and ground in the shape of an hour glass, highlighting the natural characteristics of the stone façades.

BEGA recessed wall luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution matching the brickwork illuminate the ground in the outdoor shower area. The holistic lighting concept is rounded off with BEGA in-ground luminaires. Framed flush with the ground, they emit their light towards the ceiling of the roofed relaxation area to create calming, indirect illumination.

After sunset, the paths outside this oasis for relaxation are illuminated evenly by BEGA bollards. Their flat beam light distribution ensure safe guidance and perfect visual comfort. In the sauna area and also at the on-site café, DALI-controllable BEGA recessed ceiling downlights come to the fore. Their high luminous efficiency lights up the facilities brightly and clearly, without being overpowering.

Landscape architects B.S.L. Landschaftsarchitekten, Soest

Architect Passgang Architekten, Lippstadt